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Improve your physical fitness with Mind Heart Body today!

Get ready to take your personal fitness journey to the next level with the Ab Workout by MHB app. Now available for iOS and Android, this innovative, user-friendly app will help you burn fat, get great abs, and sculpt and tone your entire body in just minutes a day. Our predesigned, daily routines can be performed in the comfort of your own home or office; they are especially convenient for women who are on the go. Perfect for beginners and regular exercisers of all ages, Mind Heart Body’s new app includes 3 easy-to-follow workout programs that are 5-10 minutes long. In total, there are 30 unique ab-sculpting exercises. It’s time to transform into the best shape of your life!

No need to spend hours each day at the gym anymore, the Ab Workout by MHB app’s easy-to-use interface provides simple text and visual video instructions, fully customizable settings and more. The app will remind you when it’s time to work out and you can create your own program from dozens of uniquely designed exercises or choose from one of the predesigned programs. Improve your overall physical fitness with the Ab Workout by MHB app whenever and wherever you like!

Ferris Kassar, a National Academy of Sports Medicine, certified personal trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine Women's fitness specialist, lead a group of fitness experts to create the Ab Workout by MHB app. This uniquely customized experience is a testament to the extensive assessment work and weight loss planning Ferris and his team have conducted for their clients. They have interpreted their client data and used real client feedback to design the application.

The Ab Workout by MHB app is currently the best fitness app on the market for women! It maximizes efficiency and produces real, long lasting results! You will learn to increase your stamina, develop healthy living styles and a sense of wellbeing. Regardless of your physical fitness level and abilities, the Ab Workout by MHB app will teach you habits that are life changing. The app’s ultimate goal is to help women of all ages live a healthier lifestyle exemplified by fitness.


Select your workout length

Select your workout routine

Choose to do a complete workout or just one exercise

Shuffle mode provides a random selection of workouts

Customize your workout or choose from one of the three preset workouts

Easy-to-follow exercise instructions provided in text and video format

Change the sound, text, day and time reminder notification, and frequency easily in settings

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All Mind Heart Body members begin their process with a thorough assessment to determine which physical activity level is best for them. Our focus is less on quick fixes and more on the long-term wellbeing of each of our clients, but we can help you produce results in a short time period. Modeled after the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), Mind Heart Body’s comprehensive assessment process includes the following factors and more...

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When women eat a balanced diet of whole foods from fruits, veggies, good fats, and whole grains in the correct proportions, their bodies are generally receiving most of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids they need. However, nutritional deficiency can happen and so to supplement and make sure the body is getting all that it requires, Mind Heart Body suggests a number of daily supplements women should take, especially when starting a workout or weight loss program.

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